California Training Institute Curriculum for Child Care Health Advocates

The First Edition of the California Training Institute curriculum for Child Care Health Advocates is a 3-day curriculum with 18 modules developed for Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals to become Child Care Health Advocates (CCHAs). California is the only state that has a training curriculum specifically for CCHAs. It is intended to provide knowledge and resources for people interested in serving as CCHAs in ECE programs. People who become CCHAs include teachers, assistant teachers, family child care providers, home visitors, and family or parent service workers. People who are seeking to become CCHAs should learn to assess and prioritize health and safety needs; develop plans and monitor compliance; and honestly and openly communicate with families, coworkers and administrators.

The curriculum is free to download or for purchase through our publications order form (PDF; 105KB; 4pp).

If you have feedback or comments on the training curriculum, please contact us.

This curriculum is divided into 18 modules or topics:

English Spanish
Child Abuse Prevention, Identification and Reporting (pdf; 463.09 KB) Prevención, Identifi cación y Reporte del Abuso de Niños (pdf; 483.33 KB)
Child Care Health Consultation: Introduction (pdf; 213.04 KB) Introducción (pdf; 219.12 KB)
Children with Disabilities and Other Special Needs (pdf; 776.68 KB) Niños con Impedimentos y Otras Necesidades Especiales (pdf; 873.92 KB)
Communication and Problem Solving (pdf; 246.59 KB) Comunicación y Solución de Problemas (pdf; 245.24 KB)
Community and Family Resources (pdf; 301.53 KB) Recursos de la Comunidad y de la Familia (pdf; 301.53 KB)
Cultural Competence and Health (pdf; 250.68 KB) Salud y Competencia Cultural (pdf; 262 KB)
Environmental Health (pdf; 685.16 KB) Salud Ambiental (pdf; 769.53 KB)
Injury Prevention (pdf; 1.1 MB) Prevención de Lesiones (pdf; 1.16 MB)
Nutrition and Physical Activity (pdf; 908.4 KB) Nutrición y Actividad Física (pdf; 961.93 KB)
Oral Health (pdf; 567.91 KB) Salud Oral (pdf; 561.82 KB)
Preventing and Managing Illness in ECE Programs (pdf; 809.66 KB) Previniendo y Manejando las Enfermedades en Programas de ECE (pdf; 900.36 KB)
Preventive Health Care for Children in a Medical Home (pdf; 692 KB) Cuidados de Salud Preventivos para Niños en un Hogar Médico (pdf; 1.04 MB)
Quality in Early Care and Education (pdf; 1.77 MB) Calidad de los Cuidados y de la Educación Tempranos (pdf; 1.78 MB)
School Readiness and Health (pdf; 282.81 KB) Preparación para la Escuela y Salud (pdf; 294.14 KB)
Social and Emotional Development of Children (pdf; 867.7 KB) Desarrollo Social y Emocional de los Niños (pdf; 911.65 KB)
Staff Health (pdf; 549.47 KB) Salud del Personal (pdf; 650.06 KB)
The Role of the Child Care Health Advocate (pdf; 236.03 KB) El Papel del Defensor de los Cuidados de Salud del Niño (pdf; 258.81 KB)
Training and Health Education (pdf; 183.03 KB) Entrenamiento y Educación sobre Salud (pdf; 189.95 KB)