Prevention of Infectious Disease in the Child Care Setting

When parents are asked what is the most important thing they look for when seeking child care, a healthy and safe environment is at the top of the list. This curriculum will help early care and education providers create healthy environments and teach healthy habits to the children in their programs.

This second and updated edition covers the content of the Emergency Medical Services Authority 7-hour Child Care Preventive Health and Safety Training, and will provide information and guidance on how to control communicable and infectious disease in the early care and education. It also reflects current changes in the National Health and Safety Performance Standards for Out-of-Home Child Care Programs and new information on infectious disease.

By using this curriculum, trainers and Child Care Health Consultants will be able to:

  1. Increase awareness of the ways illnesses are spread in the early care and education programs and how to reduce this spread.
  2. Encourage providers to accept responsibility for preventing the spread of disease in their programs.
  3. Assist providers in establishing, developing and promoting written policies regarding health and safety in their programs.
  4. Help providers to understand and follow universal precautions and other preventive health practices.
  5. Provide materials that can be used as resources for early care and education providers as well as parents.
  6. Connect early care and education providers with local health and safety resources.
  7. Help early care and education providers understand how to protect themselves against exposure to infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, CMV, and hepatitis B and C.