Funded Projects

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Present Projects

California Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (CECCS)

US Department of Health and Human Services, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, CA. Dept. of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Branch (1/1/08–12/31/13) This grant supports our our statewide network of child care health consultants with a listserve, directory, and monthly electronic newsletter (eNews) with up-to-date health and safety resources, references and information to maintain active consultation in their communities. Our work also includes outreach to child care providers by providing workshops at professional meetings and publications on screening for autism and nutrition and physical activity. We are also collaborating with Every Child Counts on their LAUNCH project supporting local advocates on health and safety issues in child care.

Integrated Pest Management in Early Care and Education Programs

California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (11/1/08-5/31/11) An integrated pest management (IPM) Toolkit will be developed for child care staff to reduce the exposure of pesticides for children and staff in child care programs. The English- and Spanish-language Toolkit will include curriculum and complementary materials (laminated posters, Health & Safety Notes on individual pests, Fact Sheets for Families, and an IPM Checklist). The Toolkit will be disseminated at workshops, through Child Care agencies, and on the California Childcare Health Program website. To develop a standardized research instrument to assess pest control practices, an IPM Checklist will be developed and completed in 10 local child care programs. This collaborative project includes colleagues at UC Berkeley Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health and UC Statewide IPM Program at UC Davis.

Past Projects

The California Child Care Healthline

The California Child Care Healthline provided information that promoted the health and well-being of children and caregivers in a variety of early care and education settings via free telephone consultations, conference presentations and publications to California early care and education programs and families. The materials developed by the Healthline staff are available in both English and Spanish through this Website. Healthline was the main project of the California Childcare Health Program (CCHP), and was funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division from 1987 to October 8, 2010.

Child Care Wellness Study: Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity in Child Care Centers

DHHS, HRSA, MCHB, subcontract under University of North Carolina (7/01/08 – 08/30/10)

The Child Care Wellness Study (CCWS) was an experimental study conducted in CT, NC, and CA child care centers to study the effect of a nutrition and physical activity intervention on children’s weight, physical activity and nutrition. The intervention included nutrition and physical activity workshops for child care providers and parents conducted by a nurse child care health consultant. The study was conducted in 4-6 child care centers in each state. This multi-state study was conducted with colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Public Health and Yale University School of Nursing and funded by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau.